Upgrading of Pyrolysis Bio-oil: A Review

Document Type : Review Article


1 School of Environment, College of Engineering,University of Tehran,Tehran, Iran

2 Faculty of Sciences, Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon


The increase in the population of the planet and the rapid economic growth and, consequently, the high consumption of energy has created many environmental problems in the globe. Due to these reasons and the lack of renewability of these fossil fuels, there has been a steep trend towards the production of renewable fuels from natural sources, one of which is the production of energy from biomass. In this study, biofuel production from biomass has been investigated using thermochemical methods and precisely "pyrolysis method", a method that reduces the production of oil from millions of years to a few seconds, and is the most industrialized thermochemical method for producing fuel from biomass. This research focuses on thermochemical processes, pyrolysis principles, hydrothermal methods and specifications, chemical composition and applications of biofuels, and the devices and equipment needed for it. This research is the start of research and study on bio-refineries in the future.


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